ViPa develops new Mobile App

Along with one of our anchor clients, ViPa has released a new mobile app. This app was developed at the request of a customer who has a need to track timesheets whilst employees are offsite or on the move undertaking deliveries.

Below are some screen shots of the app in its current form – showing the progression of adding timesheet data (click on each image to enlarge):

Screenshot_2016-06-07-10-08-28-339     Screenshot_2016-06-07-10-08-40-316     Screenshot_2016-06-07-10-09-16-058     Screenshot_2016-06-07-10-09-55-628     Screenshot_2016-06-07-10-10-25-183

The 1st image is how it appears at startup of application – the user name is shown and they are ready to push the “IN” button to indicate that they have started work.  The 2nd image shows the screen once the “IN” button has been pushed (notice the time is logged).  The 3rd image shows a job that has been selected (either via the pull down menu or by scanning a barcode) – once the “YES” button is pushed, the time is captured and sent to the central database for processing.  The 4th image shows what the confirmation screen looks like for subsequent jobs.  The 5th image shows the screen output upon pushing the “OUT” button – again, notice that the time is logged.

After successful implementation of the office timesheet system, this addition of the mobile app enables timesheet data to be recorded via either the mobile data network, wifi or as a final fallback option SMS. This facility means that with mobile coverage (for SMS) being up to 99% of the populated land mass of Australia, notification is virtually instantaneous.  It also means and job start and finish times are captured and recorded as part of the process.

The app is very simple to use and includes the ability to scan a barcode for job number data.  This is the system used for the desktop application and was specifically chosen due to the efficiency of this process – it literally takes each employee less than 10 seconds to record their job entry.  Similarly, the mobile app takes less than 10 seconds to record this data.  Although the app was purposely made very simple to enable fast interaction and recording of data, there is a lot going on in the background and once it is sent back to the office (instantaneously), further data processing is carried out – but best of all – this next process all happens within just a few seconds.  Records are fully up to date at the office in real time and nobody has had to manually process anything – SAVE TIME & MONEY!

In the future we will be adding GPS location coordinates to log exact position of timesheet entry – meaning employers can track where the employee is located at that instant. Other future enhancements include photo verification and facial recognition – to ensure that whoever is logging the event is actually that person.  We are also currently working on an admin interface so that authorized personal can, whilst away from the office, check the current status of any employee: whether they are working, what time they started, what job they are working, where they are located, whether they are travelling etc.  The system can be expanded in this regard to whatever the client wishes – we just need to sit down and discuss how best the solution can be executed.

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