ViPa Remote DA

Want to use DA but are worried about 3D software startup and ongoing maintenance costs?  Worry no more.  ViPa has a unique solution.  ViPa Remote DA allows you to have your very own custom built application (developed by ViPa) without the cost and hardship of 3D software maintenance.

We develop the application and you send the information to our server.  This initiates a request to run the software.  We validate all the information and send back to you (usually by the next business day), all the model detail for you to evaluate (using free 3D viewing software).  Once you are happy with the design, we then create all the production drawings including simple sub-assembly drawings.   It is our experience that the more complex sub-assembly & assembly drawings are best left to you – the people who understand the product and the way the detail needs to be presented to fit your business practices.  We will provide you with “vanilla” assembly drawings in the 2D CAD format of your choice.  You can then detail the drawing as you see fit.

Below is a graphical representation of this:


It should be noted that ViPa Remote DA is generally a function of Large Scale DA.  In some circumstances however, it may be considered under Small Scale DA (by negotiation).