Excel Automation

The use of spreadsheets, especially Excel, helps companies track, manage, plan, and evaluate several business processes. Users rely on Excel to gather data and perform detailed analysis or reports, but often find it time-consuming, highly manual, and not integrateable between applications. ViPa helps fill this void.

Benefits of ViPa Excel Automation applications include:

  • they provides a tool to reduce the manual and time consuming components of Excel by automating tasks within Excel.
  • applications also allow automation of data transfer between Excel and any Windows or web based application like Access, SQL, etc.
  • Schedule automated tasks to run at pre-defined times further helping to automate business processes such as data retrieval, data input, or generating reports periodically.
  • Running existing Excel macros as a part of a fully automated sequence.
  • ability for enterprises to reduce man-hours and increase reliability while also reducing human errors by automating complex and tedious tasks within Excel.