Small Scale DA

Below are some examples of Small Scale DA

Get the most out of SolidWorks or Inventor.  ViPa’s automated SolidWorks/Inventor design automation systems capture engineering knowledge whilst slashing design time.


 Customize your Solidworks/Inventor Environment

ViPa technological solutions provides customization services for SolidWorks and Inventor 3D CAD software to improve the productivity of your CAD environment. ViPa’s software add-ins provide enhancements that extend far beyond basic macros: for example, automated part processing of sheet metal parts that creates machine-ready DXF  files from any SolidWorks or Inventor  part or even an entire SolidWorks or Inventor assembly.

View the below sample video developed by ViPa to update custom properties from assembly level with out opening a part.

Publish PDF and DXF  flat pattern from top level assembly  within Solidworks 

Publish PDF and DXF  with one click. This program creates PDF and Flat pattern in DXF format from the top level assembly. No need to open each part to convert the files. Review from the interface and select which ones to publish.

 Publish PDF and DXF flatpattern



For further information related specifically to Microsoft Excel Automation, please click on the following link: Excel Automation.

Or if you are interested in warping time, check out our revolutionary Time Phasing Machine: Time Phasing Machine.  It’s already built and only requires some minor updates and tweaks to allow it fit into your current time recording system.


We can also demonstrate some of the capabilities of Large Scale DA as well as ViPa Remote DA to give you an idea of the possibilities that are available.