Large Scale DA

For more complex Design Automation (DA), we have partnered with a company that allows us to expand our capabilities and offer a larger scale DA solution.  This is a low cost structure with high end support.  ViPa is experienced with delivering DA and are able to navigate the many hurdles that stand in the way of success.  Our partner company leads the way in software development at an affordable price.  ViPa’s intricate knowledge of not only the DA process but also engineering processes, enable us to provide a premium service at a budget price.

Projects that have been carried out by our partner company world wide are broad and diverse.  We are able to demonstrate some of these capabilities at your workplace and discuss the multitude of possibilities and how that may be achieved.  We pride ourselves in our level of professionalism, expertise and privacy – they are some of our core strengths and we protect this reputation fiercely.  We take privacy very seriously and have set our systems up to provide the highest level of security available today.

It should be noted that we are bound by non-disclosure agreements with both our customers and partner company but would be happy to demonstrate videos of full scale delivered DA programs at your premises.


View the below video for a sample of design automation of a tanker

Design a tanker of any size and style by selecting appropriate options.  The program will then perform relevant calculations and iterations and generate 3D models, Bill of Materials, purchased parts list, drawings and a 3D and/or 2D PDF for the customer to view before finalising the order.

The following video is an extremely  simplified version of what we can do and is only intended to give an overview of the possibilities.  A full production ready Design Automation program will capture all the design rules and other criteria that your company utilises and therefore includes the full detail required to manufacture the product – from 3D model through to production drawings.