CAD Conversion

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2D drawings to 3D Models

We offer a full range of CAD conversion services, including AutoCAD® conversion, paper and PDF to CAD conversion and much more.  So, when you hire us to handle your 2D to 3D conversion needs, you will get expert service from a firm with many years of experience working on projects like yours.

We work closely with you to ensure optimal quality in the final files in every segment of your project.

Tools and Software Used

For all  projects, we use a range of high quality tools and software including:

  • AutoCAD®
  • Autodesk Inventor®
  • SolidWorks®

We offer outputs into a number of different formats designed to match the needs of your project, including:

  • DWG
  • .DWFx
  • .3d DWF
  • .DGN
  • .WRF
  • .ACIS
  • .DWF
  • e-drawing


3D model to 2D detail drawings

ViPa are able to save you time and money by removing the burden of having to detail mundane drawings from the 3D model you have created.  All the work that requires the intelligence is locked away in the 3D model.  We access that information for you with little to no effort on your behalf.  We are able to provide detail drawings of your designs so that you can carry on creating more innovative and creative products.

ViPa recommends that only part and simple assembly drawings are created.  It is our experience that the more complex assembly drawings are best left to you – the people who understand the product and the way the detail needs to be presented to fit your business practices.


Sketch to 3D and/or 2D detail drawings

Don’t like doing 3D models or are unable to due to lack of time or training?  ViPa can do this for you.  You provide the details with sufficient information and we can do the rest.


Further Details

We provide the above services either locally or with our innovative low cost option.  To explore this further, click on the below links:

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