ViPa builds first Time Phasing Machine

ViPa has recently built it’s first Time Phasing Machine.  This machine enables our customers to save vast amounts of time by replacing manually written time sheets with barcode scanning technology.  In less than 10 seconds each employee is able to record their own data on the fly and as a result there is no administration […]

ViPa develops new Mobile App

Along with one of our anchor clients, ViPa has released a new mobile app. This app was developed at the request of a customer who has a need to track timesheets whilst employees are offsite or on the move undertaking deliveries. Below are some screen shots of the app in its current form – showing […]

ViPa opens new office

ViPa have recently moved into a new premises in Melbourne Rd Wodonga.  This move enables us to better collaborate on projects and with the recent connection to the NBN ensures that we have access to the latest technology.  With more and more resources moving to the cloud, this move enables us to stay ahead of […]

We live in a multi-CAD world and Onshape is built to work seamlessly with other CAD software systems, starting with familiar modeling paradigms and kernel compatibility.

Customers using Onshape side-by-side with other CAD systems can do so in the following ways:

  • Use Onshape for some projects, and your other CAD system for others.
  • Use Onshape for parts or subassemblies of a larger project designed in your other CAD system.
  • Use Onshape to collaborate with customers/suppliers on a project designed in your other CAD system.
  • Use Onshape to manage projects that include native CAD data from your other CAD system.

Let’s take a look at each scenario.


Some of your specialized projects may require capabilities that are still under development in Onshape. In the meantime, you can enjoy the secure, accessible, and affordable alternative that Onshape offers while using your existing system alongside it. With Onshape, you get:

  • A full suite of professional 3D CAD software, accessible on any device.
  • The user interactions, concepts, keystrokes, and workflows you expect.
  • Full data compatibility with most major 3D CAD software systems.


You can import and export data to and from Onshape at will, as well as save files in vendor-neutral formats. That means you can build parts or subassemblies in Onshape, and carry them wherever you need them to be. You can:

  • Work side-by-side on the same projects in multiple CAD systems.
  • Enjoy seamless file exchange with suppliers and vendors.
  • Collaborate on any device with anyone on your wider project team.


Onshape is an ideal way to reach out to your customers, suppliers, and collaborators for brainstorming sessions and design reviews – regardless of the CAD system they use. Full, fluid compatibility with most major CAD systems means Onshape is a perfect platform for collaboration with your extended project team. You can:

  • Bring together design elements from multiple CAD systems.
  • Invite and share designs with anyone.
  • Enjoy free sharing and access, on any device.
  • Collaborate simultaneously – or separately, using branched editing.


Data management is hard enough for native CAD data in most systems – let alone managing multiple CAD formats. Onshape is built to read and store any data type you’re using for your project, as well as to let you access all the files and documentation you need. With Onshape:

  • Revision management is built right in.
  • You can revision-manage any Onshape Document using more than one type of embedded data from any source in its native format.
  • You can export the original binary format for any data you’ve uploaded into Onshape at any time – or translate it into a wide variety of formats.

For projects already in progress, using Onshape alongside your existing CAD system yields huge benefits. Its ability to accelerate collaboration, simplify version control, and work with virtually all data types will increase your team’s efficiency and give you the flexibility to access your design data anywhere on any device.

Onshape also empowers you to economically scale up your team for short periods – such as hiring contractors or interns – without having to commit to expensive long-term licenses. Plus, Onshape data is kernel compatible with SolidWorks and other major vendors.

Furthermore, if your team has multiple CAD users time-sharing seats of traditional CAD, you can finally stop playing musical chairs. Your design team can use Onshape and its current CAD system in parallel – meaning you’ll be spending less time waiting and more time designing awesome products!

We have partnered with Onshape meaning we have access to API’s and can therefore customise the software to fit your business needs. We can also automate processes and procedures and help you to get the most out of the next wave in 3D CAD design.

With inbuilt PDM and truly seamless collaboration (think Google Docs), you now have the ability to manage data across the Globe with as many users required. The possibilities of this new paradigm are only limited by the imagination.

You want to integrate with your MRP or ERP – think ViPa

• You want to automate pdf release with an ECN and revision control system – think ViPa

• You want to increase your design time and not have to worry about drawings – let ViPa do it for you

• You want to link data with other departments – think ViPa

• You want to Automate your designs with simple user input screens (with all the grunt work associated to your business logics occurring automatically in the background) – think ViPa

• Don’t have Onshape and are unsure as to how to make the next step from AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge – think ViPa

• Don’t want to make the leap to Onshape and still want to do all or part of the above with AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, SolidEdge – think ViPa

At ViPa, we are a multifaceted organisation and have the experience and know how to cater for your needs. We have a team of highly flexible and agile Engineers, Designers and Draftsmen that are able to respond quickly and can tailor solutions to your needs.

We also offer a free no-obligation pilot to prove that we can do all of the above and more. That’s no outlay and no commitment. All we require from you is a small investment in your time to tailor the experience to your needs. Now that’s a deal worth exploring!

Want to Save Time & Money – think ViPa